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Creating an AutoFilter
Creating an AutoFilter
The easiest way to filter your data is to
use the AutoFilter feature in Excel. To create an
AutoFilter, click anywhere in your worksheet
table and choose Data > Sort & Filter > Filter.
Excel recognizes that all of the adjacent cells are
part of your table and applies a filter arrow to the
top cell in each column, as seen in Figure 8-1.
The AutoFilter feature does not work on
protected worksheets. Learn more about
protecting worksheets in Chapter 13,
“Setting Security Options.”
Filter Arrow
Applying the Filters
Clicking the filter arrow in each column header
displays a drop-down menu of the unique entries
in that column. In Figure 8-2, you can see that
the unique values in the Gender column are
F and M.
Figure 8-1
The AutoFilter feature applies a filter arrow to
each column in your worksheet’s table.
Figure 8-2
The filter arrow displays the column’s unique values.
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