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Creating an AutoFilter
Use your mouse to select the filtered data and
choose Home > Copy to copy the data to the
Clipboard. Look closely at the highlighted cells in
Figure 8-7. Excel automatically performs a
nonadjacent cell selection to copy only the filtered
data. Notice that the marquee, or the marching
ants, appears between filtered data cells.
Figure 8-5
Clearing a filter.
Figure 8-6
The status bar displays the number of
records matching your filter.
Figure 8-7
Excel copies only filtered data to the Clipboard.
Choose one of the following options to paste
your data.
Copying Filtered Data
After you have filtered your data to display only
the files relevant to your needs, you can copy
that data to the Microsoft Clipboard. From the
Clipboard, you can paste the filtered data into
another area of your worksheet, or into any
other Microsoft application.
To paste your data into a new Excel
worksheet, or into another area of the
existing worksheet, select the first cell
in the destination worksheet and
choose Home > Paste. Once pasted into
the new area of the worksheet, the new
data is formatted as an unfiltered table.
Take a closer look at the row numbers
displayed in Figure 8-8; the data hidden
in the original area of the filtered
worksheet table has now been permanently
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