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Creating an AutoFilter
Once the data has been pasted into the
new application, it can be formatted
using the application’s standard
formatting tools, as shown in Figure 8-10.
Figure 8-8
Excel deletes everything but the filtered
data when you paste filtered data.
To paste your data into another
Microsoft application, open the new
application and position your cursor
where desired, then press Ctrl+V to
paste your data into the application.
Figure 8-9 illustrates how your data will
appear when pasted into PowerPoint 2010.
Figure 8-10
Excel data can be formatted with
standard editing tools.
Filter Arrows Aren’t Copied
The filter arrows are overlaid onto your
worksheet; they are not part of your
worksheet. As such, they will not be copied with
your data.
Figure 8-9
Filtered data can be copied into any
Microsoft application.
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