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Exploring Special Filters
Filtering by Values
Excel’s AutoFilter recognizes your data as either
numbers (values) or as text. If the data in your
cells is numerical, the AutoFilter will include
special filter options called Number Filters
(see Figure 8-16).
Figure 8-14
Excel found two records with blank entries
in the Student ID column.
To view only the non-blank data, turn on
the AutoFilter, make sure that the Select
All option is checked and then scroll to
the bottom of the entry list and remove
the check mark from the (Blanks) option
(see Figure 8-15). Finally, click OK.
Figure 8-16
Number filters in Excel 2010.
1. To create a number filter, click the filter
arrow in the column header containing the
data you want to filter and click Number
2. Select the filter that best meets your needs.
Table 8-1 describes the results of these filters
on the GPA worksheet.
Figure 8-15
Add a check mark to all filter options except
(Blanks) to find non-blank data.
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