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Creating Custom Filters
Creating Custom Filters
Excel’s AutoFilter feature is fast and
accurate, but it’s not always enough. Custom
filters make it possible to compare parts of your
data in order to display exactly the information
you are looking for.
Table 8-2 describes each of these filters and the
results that would be produced by filtering an
address book database.
Filtering Text
To filter your text data, click the appropriate filter
arrow and choose Text Filters. Make a selection
from the list of available filters, enter your specific
criteria in the resulting dialog box and click OK
to apply the filter (see Figure 8-20).
Figure 8-20
Results of a text filter containing “student”
in the Comments column.
Table 8-2 Custom AutoFilter Options for Text
Sample Filter
Records Displayed
Anyone with an address in Illinois
Does Not Equal
Anyone with an address anywhere other than Massachusetts
Begins With
Anyone with “New” at the beginning of the address. For example,
New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, and New Mexico
Ends With
Anyone with “ota” at the end of the address. For example, South
Dakota, North Dakota, and Minnesota
Anyone with “iss” anywhere in the address. For example,
Mississippi and Missouri
Does Not Contain
Anyone without “nn” in the address. For example, Wisconsin, but
not Pennsylvania
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