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Setting the Print Area
Setting the Print Area
It sounds simple, but the first step in any
printing project is deciding what to print. Unless
you specify otherwise, Excel assumes you want
to print the entire active worksheet. However,
that might not be true. You may need to print
only one of several data tables from a worksheet,
or you may choose to print only a portion of a
table. The range of cells that you want to print
is called the print area .
3. Excel surrounds the highlighted range with
dotted lines as shown in Figure 9-2. Only
the data within the lines will be printed.
To specify the print area:
1. Highlight the range of cells that you want
to print.
Figure 9-2
Dotted lines surround the print area.
2. Choose Page Layout > Page Setup > Print
Area (arrow) and select Set Print Area
(see Figure 9-1).
The print area you defined is saved with the
worksheet and becomes the new default print
setting for that file. You can clear the existing
print area and set a new one at any time. To
clear the print area, choose Page Layout > Page
Setup > Print Area (arrow) and select Clear Print
Area. Clearing the print area returns to the
default print settings (that is, printing the entire
Figure 9-1
Setting the print area.
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