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Previewing Your Worksheet
Older Printers Beware...
Table 9-1 Scaling Options
Not all printers are created the same. Older
printers may not allow custom settings.
If yours doesn’t, simply choose one of the
predefined paper sizes.
Fit Sheet on
Entire print area is scaled
One Page
to fit on a single page
Fit All Columns
Entire print area is scaled
on One Page
to be one page wide, but
may still require several
pages in length
Fit All Rows
Entire print area is scaled
on One Page
to be one page long, but
may still require several
pages in width
Figure 9-7
Adding a custom paper size.
Making It Fit
Scaling is a special tool used by Excel to force
a print area to fit within a required number of
pages. Scaling works similarly to the zoom
feature on your camera. Excel does not change the
formatting on the worksheet itself, but instead
it adjusts the content to fit the available space.
Table 9-1 describes the scaling options available
in Excel 2010.
Figure 9-8
Select a paper size.
To change the scaling option, click the arrow
and select the desired scaling option from the
drop-down menu (see Figure 9-8).
Figure 9-9 illustrates how applying the Fit Sheet
on One Page scaling option to the current
worksheet affects the Commissions file. The preview
window now confirms that the print area fits on
a single page.
Figure 9-9
Worksheet scaled to fit on one page.
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