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Adjusting Page Layout
Working with Margins
Margins are the whitespace found at the top,
bottom, and sides of printed pages. There is no
correct margin size. The right size is a personal
choice for aesthetic or functional purposes.
Use one of the three built-in margin settings by
choosing Page Layout > Page Setup > Margins
and selecting one of the options in the
dropdown menu (see Figure 9-13).
Figure 9-14
Manually adjust margins from the Margins tab.
Center the worksheet data horizontally
and vertically on the printed page by
checking those options on the Margins
tab of the Page Setup dialog box.
Figure 9-13
Built-in margin options.
Choosing Custom Margins from the drop-down
menu will open the Page Setup dialog box. The
Margins tab displays a miniature worksheet and
small up and down arrows, called spinners , for
each of the modifiable margins as shown in
Figure 9-14. To change a margin, click the
appropriate spinner arrow or type the value manually.
Margins can also be changed from the Print
Preview window once the print area has been
established. Just follow these steps:
1. Choose File > Print to open the Print Preview
2. Click the Margins icon in the lower-right
corner. Excel displays the margins over the
worksheet (see Figure 9-15).
3. Drag the square margin handles to manually
adjust the margin settings.
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