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Adjusting Page Layout
To add a sheet background, first open the
worksheet upon which you want to add the
background image, and then follow these steps:
1. Choose Page Layout > Page Setup >
Background. Excel opens the Sheet
Background dialog box.
2. Select a picture for the sheet background,
and then click Insert. The image is placed
behind the gridlines and cell contents, as
shown in Figure 9-18.
Figure 9-17
Manual page breaks appear as solid blue lines.
Delete Background Button
Creating Backgrounds
Pictures can add life and context to your
worksheet data and the Page Layout tab offers an
interesting option: add an image as a
background on your worksheet. What makes this so
interesting is that the image cannot be printed;
it is only visible within Excel. This limitation can
work well within a corporate environment where
including an image, for example a corporate
logo, might be a requirement.
Figure 9-18
Background images cannot be printed.
Delete Your Background
Background images cannot be edited
once they are inserted. Smaller images
will be tiled to fill the sheet.
The Backgrounds button changes to a
Delete Background button once a
background image has been inserted. Click this
button to remove a background image from
your worksheet.
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