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Adjusting Page Layout
Printing Gridlines and Headings
As a rule, worksheet elements are visible on the
worksheet views, but are not printed. However,
two of these sheet options can be printed.
You can use Page Layout tools to force Excel to
repeat those titles on every page of your printed
document. Choose Page Layout > Page Setup >
Titles. Excel opens the Page Setup dialog box
with the Sheet tab selected (see Figure 9-21).
Gridlines: Lines between cells in the
Collapse Button
Headings: Row numbers and column
To force Excel to print these elements, click the
Print check box under the appropriate option on
the Page Layout tab as in Figure 9-19.
Figure 9-19
Sheet options can be printed.
Figure 9-21
Specifying which titles to include on every page.
Including Titles
In most instances data tables will include a label,
or title, describing the data that will be included
in that row or column. Because that information
is only included once on the worksheet, it will
print only once. If your worksheet is more than
one page long, the second page will not include
the descriptive title (see Figure 9-20).
Then, follow these steps to repeat rows or
columns on your printed document:
1. Click the Collapse button at the end of the
Rows to Repeat at Top option. The dialog box
is collapsed to show only that option box.
2. Use your mouse to select the row, or rows,
that you want to repeat at the top of every
page and click the Collapse button again to
return to the full dialog box.
Figure 9-20
Multiple pages
without titles.
3. If necessary, repeat the process with the
Columns to Repeat at Left option.
4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
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