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Adding Headers and Footers
Figure 9-22
Row 1 is repeated
on each page.
Figure 9-22 illustrates the effect of repeating the
row titles on this document. The second page
now includes descriptive labels at the top of
the page.
Adding Headers and Footers
Headers and footers are text and images
that appear at the top (header) and bottom
(footer) of a printed page. They are repeated on
all pages of a single print job and may include
information such as the file name, page number,
date and time, and a logo.
2. Choose Header & Footer Tools Design >
Header & Footer > Header (or Footer). The
drop-down menu reveals several predefined
text options (see Figure 9-23).
3. Select the option you want to add. Predefined
text will be inserted into the center area of
the header or footer.
Excel includes a number of predefined headers
and footers. All you have to do is tell Excel
where to put the information. With the Page
Layout view selected, follow these steps:
Adding a Header/Footer
in Normal View
1. Click in the header or footer area. This area is
divided into three sections: left, centered, or
right based on where the text will be aligned
on the page. Excel adds a new Header &
Footer Tools Design tab.
You can also add a header or footer from
the Normal view by choosing Insert > Text >
Header & Footer from the Ribbon.
You are not limited to these predefined headers
and footers. Table 9-3 indicates the elements that
may be included in a custom header or footer.
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