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Adding Headers and Footers
To add a custom header or footer, select the
Page Layout view and follow these steps:
1. Click in the area of the header or footer
where you would like the custom text to
be aligned on the page. Excel adds a new
Header & Footer Tools Design tab.
2. Choose Header & Footer Tools Design >
Header & Footer Elements and select any
combination of the elements you want to see
on your printed document. Excel inserts the
code associated with the element, as shown
in Figure 9-24. Alternatively, you can type
directly into the header or footer area.
Figure 9-23
Predefined header and footer options.
Table 9-3 Header and Footer Tools
Page Number
Inserts the current page number
Number of Pages
Inserts the total number of pages that will be printed
Current Date
Inserts the current date
Current Time
Inserts the current time
File Path
Inserts the complete path, including file name, for this workbook
File Name
Inserts the file name for this workbook
Sheet Name
Inserts the name of the worksheet as displayed on the sheet tab
Enables you to insert a picture; also used for watermarks, as
described in the next section
Format Picture
Displays the Format Picture dialog box to adjust the size and
scale of the picture
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