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Adding Headers and Footers
3. Switch between the header and footer area
of the page by choosing Header & Footer
Tools Design > Navigation > Go to Header
(or Go to Footer).
4. If you want to create a separate header or
footer for the first page, or for odd and even
pages, click the appropriate check boxes in
the Options group of the Header & Footer
Tools Design tab.
Figure 9-25 illustrates how these custom headers
and footers can add useful information to your
printed pages.
Figure 9-24
Customizing the header and footer.
Excel recognizes an ampersand (&) in
the header or footer as part of its
internal code and will ignore any ampersand
you type unless you type it twice. For
instance, to include the words “Cats &
Dogs” in the header and footer, you
need to type “Cats && Dogs.”
Figure 9-25
Previewing a custom header and footer.
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