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Inserting a Watermark
Inserting a Watermark
You learned earlier in this chapter
that background images do not print, but there
may be a very good reason for you to want to
include an image on a printed document. You
might want to include a company logo in the
header or text across the body of the page to
indicate that the material is confidential or is
still a draft. A graphic that appears behind the
text of a printed document, as illustrated in
Figure 9-26, is called a watermark .
Watermarks should include enough whitespace
around the image to force it to fall in the center
of your page. In either case, follow these steps.
1. Choose Insert > Text > Header & Footer from
the Ribbon. Excel adds a new Design tab.
2. Click the Picture button on the Design tab of
the Header & Footer Tools (see Figure 9-27).
Excel opens the Insert Picture dialog box.
3. Select the desired picture from the file list and
click Open to add the picture to your
worksheet. Excel adds the picture code (&[Picture])
to the centered header selection box.
Figure 9-26
A watermark appears on every page
of your printed document.
Figure 9-27
Adding a watermark to the header.
Keep watermark images simple and faintly
colored so that they do not interfere with
the readability of your data.
Modifying Watermarks
Watermark images, or any other image
included in a header or footer, can be
modiļ¬ed by choosing the Format Picture button
in the Design tab.
The same steps are required to add an image to
your header or a watermark to the body of your
document. The difference is the size of the graphic.
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