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Handling Special Printing Needs
Handling Special Printing Needs
Not all print jobs are the same and there
are times when simply choosing File > Print is
not enough. Instructions for handling some of
those special cases can be found in this section.
At the end of each month, you choose to print a
hard copy of your month’s sales and the summary
information for your files. You could print the
entire workbook and throw away the unwanted
pages, or you could use this more eco-friendly
Selecting Multiple
Worksheets to Print
Suppose you had a workbook that kept track of
your sales figures for the entire year. You might
have chosen to create a separate worksheet for
each month’s sales and another worksheet that
summarizes the year-to-date sales figures.
1. Select only the worksheet tabs that you
want to print. Table 10-1 describes the key
combinations required to select multiple
worksheet tabs.
2. Choose File > Print and print the document
as you normally would. Excel prints the tabs
you selected and ignores all of the other tabs.
Table 10-1 Printing Multiple
Selected Sheet Tabs
Mouse and Keystroke
A single
Click the sheet tab at the
bottom of the Excel window.
Click the first sheet tab, then
hold Shift and click the last
sheet tab you want to print.
Excel will highlight all of the
sheet tabs in between.
Figure 10-2
Selecting multiple sheets in a workbook.
Click the first sheet tab, then
press Ctrl+additional sheet
tabs you want to print.
Figure 10-2 illustrates how
Excel highlights only the
selected tabs.
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