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Handling Special Printing Needs
3. Click the Printer Properties link under your
selected printer. Excel displays a dialog box
for your printer.
4. Click the Finishing tab and set the number
of pages you want to print on a single page
in the Pages Per Sheet drop-down menu, as
shown in Figure 10-4.
5. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.
6. Print the document as usual.
Figure 10-5
Both sheets must be formatted with
the same page orientation.
Making Comments Visible
With Excel you can add comments to provide
context to the data in your worksheet; think of
them as an asterisk added to a data table you see
in a newspaper. For instance, you might want to
add a comment to your worksheet to explain
that sales were low in a given month because
the store had to be closed for a week during a
Figure 10-4
The Finishing tab.
Normally comments are visible on the
worksheet only as a small red triangle in the
upperright corner of the cell. As you move the mouse
pointer over a cell with a comment, a small
pop-up window displays the comment (see
Figure 10-6). You can learn more about adding
comments to a cell in Chapter 14, “Collaborating
with Others.”
Figure 10-5 illustrates an example with two
worksheets printed on a single page. A chart and its
associated data are presented together. Notice
that both worksheets are printed in a portrait
orientation. When printing multiple pages on
a single sheet, you will need to keep the same
page orientation for all worksheets.
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