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Handling Special Printing Needs
Print the report as usual. Excel will
add a page break between each group
of adjacent cells, forcing the range in
this example to print on two pages
(see Figure 10-13).
Print the report with multiple sheets on
a single page as described earlier in this
Use the named range to verify which
rows or columns will be used and then
hide the unused rows or columns as
shown in Figure 10-14 before manually
setting the print area. Excel will not
print hidden rows and columns and your
named range will print as if the cells were
Figure 10-11
The named area is highlighted on the worksheet.
2. Choose Page Layout > Page Setup > Print
Area (arrow) and select Set Print Area to
make the print area the same as the named
range, as shown in Figure 10-12.
Figure 10-13
Excel adds a page break between non-adjacent ranges.
Figure 10-12
The print area is the same as the named range.
If the range is a set of adjacent cells, print the
worksheet as usual. If the cells in the range
are not adjacent, choose one of the following
methods for printing:
Figure 10-14
Unused columns F–M are hidden and will not print.
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