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Printing Charts
Printing Charts
Charts are a graphic version of your
data. Printing a worksheet that includes a chart
will print both the chart and your associated data.
You could also print the chart separate from the
data on its own page. Just follow these steps:
If necessary, you can easily use the print settings
to force your color printer to print the chart in
black and white. Click the Page Setup link at the
bottom of the Print Preview window. Excel will
display the Page Setup dialog box with a Chart
tab instead of a Sheet tab, as shown in Figure
10-16. Click the Chart tab and select Print in
Black and White.
1. Click to select the chart.
2. Choose File > Print. Excel displays the selected
chart scaled to the full page in a Print Preview
window (see Figure 10-15).
3. Print the chart as you would any other Excel
Figure 10-16
You can print charts in black and white.
Figure 10-15
Print a chart.
Creating a Chart Is Fun
Find out more about creating and formatting
charts in Chapter 11, “Generating Excel
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