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Printing a Draft
Printing a Draft
Although the power of Excel lies
in its ability to manage data, it is also flexible
enough to add images, charts, and colors to
highlight your data. All of those “extras” take
time to print and may not be necessary for all of
your printing needs. You can reduce the amount
of time a worksheet takes to print by stripping
out all of the images, charts, and lines.
1. Choose Page Layout > Page Setup and click
the Dialog Box Launcher to open the Page
Setup dialog box.
2. Click the Sheet tab.
Figure 10-17
Setting the Draft Quality option.
3. Click the Draft Quality option (see Figure
4. Click OK to close the dialog box.
5. Print your worksheet as usual.
Printing a draft does not change the format of
your worksheet; the text and colors remain, as
illustrated in Figure 10-18. Read Chapter 12,
“Inserting Illustrations,” to learn more about
adding images to your worksheets.
Figure 10-18
Images, charts, and lines are not
printed in draft format.
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