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Choosing an Alternative to Printing
Choosing an Alternative to Printing
If you are sharing your data with clients
or co-workers in another location, it is not
always practical to print a copy of your
document. In cases like these, you should consider
another alternative output.
Creating a PDF
PDF, or Portable Document Format, is a file
format developed by Adobe Systems Incorporated
that enables people to view and print documents
even if they don’t have access to the original
application, in this instance, Excel.
Figure 10-21
Save your file as a PDF document to be
viewable by anyone.
1. Choose File > Save As to open the Save As
dialog box.
2. Select PDF from the Save As Type drop-down
menu, as illustrated in Figure 10-21.
3. Click the Save button in the Save As dialog
box to save the files and return to your Excel
PDF files can be opened in the
free Adobe Reader available at
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