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Choosing an Alternative to Printing
E-Mailing Your Worksheet
As an alternative to printing your worksheet and
sending a hard copy to your audience, you could
e-mail the file to your audience and have them
print the file for themselves. Two important
things to remember about this option:
To e-mail a copy of your worksheet:
1. Choose File > Save & Send > Send Using
2. Select your preferred Send As option:
Send as Attachment: Opens an e-mail
message with a copy of the file in the
original file format (.xls or .xlsx) attached
(see Figure 10-22).
If you are e-mailing your file, you run
the risk of your viewers changing the
file in such a way that they will not see
the data as you intended. Chapter 13,
“Setting Security Options,” will help you
decide how much protection you want to
add to your file, if any.
Send as PDF: Opens an e-mail message with
a copy of the file in PDF format attached.
3. Complete the e-mail message as usual and
click Send.
Whenever you open a worksheet, Excel
restores the active worksheet and print
settings from the point at which you
last saved the file. If you are e-mailing
your file, make sure that you are aware
of what your viewers will see when they
open your file.
Figure 10-22
Use e-mail as an alternative to printing.
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