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Printing from the Quick Access Toolbar
Printing from the Quick Access Toolbar
Once you have established all of the
settings that will make your printed document
the perfect reflection of your hard work, you
use Excel’s Quick Print feature to simplify your
printing process.
The Quick Print option will not print
comments even if that option was
selected in your print settings.
First, add the Quick Print button to the Quick
Access Toolbar, and then click the button to
1. Click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
When you click the Quick Print button (see
Figure 10-24), Excel sends your document to
the Windows print queue–a sort of holding area
before your document is sent to the printer.
This is exactly what you need if your computer
is not permanently connected to a printer. Excel
displays a message (see Figure 10-25) during
the Quick Print process informing you of its
progress. You will not be able to edit your
worksheet until after this message disappears.
2. Click Quick Print on the drop-down menu
(see Figure 10-23).
Quick Print Button
Figure 10-23
Quick Access Toolbar options.
Figure 10-24
Click the Quick Print button to send your
document to the print queue.
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