Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Printing from the Quick Access Toolbar
2. Right-click on the Excel file name that you
want to change.
3. Select Pause or Cancel from the shortcut
menu (see Figure 10-27).
Figure 10-25
The Quick Print progress message.
Documents in the print queue will print as soon
as your computer is connected to a printer.
While documents are still in the print queue,
you can cancel (delete) a print job or pause a job
at the top of the queue in order to print another
document sooner.
To affect documents in the print queue, follow
these steps:
Figure 10-27
The Print Queue shortcut menu.
1. Double-click the printer icon in the far right
of your Windows taskbar (see Figure 10-26).
4. If necessary, select Restart from the shortcut
menu to restart a paused document.
Print Queue Icon
5. Choose Printer > Close to close the print
queue window.
Figure 10-26
The Print Queue icon is found in
the Windows taskbar.
Print Preview a Different Way
The Print Preview command is also available
from the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
menu. Clicking Print Preview from the Quick
Access Toolbar is a shortcut to choosing
File > Print from the Ribbon.
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