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Chapter 11 Generating Excel Charts
Excel Charts
Picture yourself turning your text-and-number-filled
worksheet into a chart, an easily understood graphical representation
of your data. Charts turn tons of boring or potentially confusing
data into a picture, a snapshot of the information that makes a statement.
Sales are up? No need to wade through lots of other numbers to see that
if the bar or column is taller than the one for last month or last quarter.
Survey responses look good for your candidate? You can tell right away
by looking at the Pie chart, and seeing that “Strongly Agree” was the most
frequent answer, and shown by that slice being the biggest in the pie.
Although charts aren’t always appropriate—or even possible, depending
on your data—they can make the difference between data that only those
who entered it understand and data that anyone can grasp and make quick,
effective use of.
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