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Chapter 1 Creating a Basic Excel Worksheet
Creating a Basic
Excel Worksheet
Picture yourself having to make a difficult decision. Perhaps
you want to buy a new car, or decide which college to attend, or
which investment option will result in the biggest return. There are
many criteria to consider—some positive and some negative—about each
alternative. If only there were a way to compile the data in a way that makes
the decision easier. There is...Excel!
Microsoft Excel is the most widely used spreadsheet program in the world.
A spreadsheet is a software application that organizes data in rows and
columns. Spreadsheets are most commonly used to manipulate numerical
data like those used to establish your household budget, calculate profit/loss
statements for your business, or determine your GPA.
As good as Excel is at handling numerical data, it can also be used to
organize other types of data, including text and formulas. Use the rows
and columns in Excel to enter data about your household inventory for
your insurance needs, your address book to make sure that birthday cards
are sent out on time, or even catalogue your CD collection. Once the data
has been stored in Excel, you can sort and filter the data to suit your needs.
Understanding how to create an effective spreadsheet can help you make
better decisions. But first, let’s start with the basics.
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