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Creating a Basic Chart
The Move Chart button (on the Design
tab, within the Chart Tools section of the
ribbon) opens a dialog box asking where
you want to take your chart. Shown in
Figure 11-11, you can choose New Sheet
(which creates and names the new sheet
for you) or choose an existing sheet from
the Object In option. Make your choice
and click OK—the chart is moved
automatically, ready for formatting and
enhancement, as needed.
Figure 11-9
Drag and drop your chart to a spot where
it doesn’t cover up any data.
If you want to move your chart to its own sheet,
it’s easy to do—you can hover over one of the
chart’s borders, and when your mouse pointer
turns to a four-headed arrow, right-click. From
the resulting pop-up menu (shown in Figure
11-10), choose Cut. Then go to the worksheet
where you want to place the chart, and
rightclick again, choosing Paste from the pop-up
menu. Once the chart is in place, you can
enlarge it even more, for greater visibility.
Figure 11-11
Use the Move Chart dialog box to send your
chart packing—to a new or existing sheet
elsewhere in the open workbook.
Figure 11-10
Cut and then paste your chart to a new
worksheet—or an existing sheet with more room
on it—to give your chart some real elbow room.
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