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Creating a Basic Chart
Resizing Your Chart
Once your chart is where you want it (assuming
you’ve got it in a worksheet with other content,
not on its own sheet, where resizing is not
needed), you can resize it easily—just point to
any corner, and when your mouse turns to a
two-headed arrow (as shown in Figure 11-12),
press and hold the Shift key and drag. Drag
outward to enlarge the chart, or inward to reduce
its size. Why press the Shift key? To maintain your
chart’s aspect ratio , or proportions. If you drag
without pressing that key, you risk elongating
or narrowing the chart. Although that’s okay to
do—and sometimes you want to do just that—
sometimes it distorts the chart’s content and
size relative to other objects—the legend, titles,
and so on.
Figure 11-12
Resize your chart by dragging from a corner handle.
If you elect to place your chart on a new
sheet (in the Move Chart dialog box), it is
automatically full size within that new
sheet, and therefore cannot be resized.
Although your mouse pointer will turn to
a two-headed arrow when you point to a
corner, you are not able to make the chart
larger or smaller if it’s on its own sheet.
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