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Changing the Chart Options
To switch your chart’s focus, click once on the
chart to activate it, and then go to the Design tab
in the Chart Tools section of the ribbon. The first
button in the Data group, also shown in Figure
11-14, is the Switch Row/Column button. One
click and your legend and category axis data
switch—a second click and they switch back. It
couldn’t be easier!
If your Pie chart ever appears as one big
slice—no segments and all one color—
click the Switch Row/Column button.
Chances are, you’ve got your data in
the wrong place (row vs. column), and
clicking the button will give you the
individually colored slices you seek.
Figure 11-15
Use the Format Data Series dialog box to change
any aspect of the series you double-clicked.
Use the Format tab. Found within the
Chart Tools section of the ribbon, the
Format tab offers Shape Fill, Shape
Outline, and Shape Effects tools you can
use to change the appearance of one or
all of your bars, columns, slices, or lines.
To select just one data point for a change,
click once on it in the chart, and you’ll
see handles on the single slice or all the
points in a single data series (all the Los
Angeles bars or columns, for example).
The changes you then make using the
Format tools will apply only to the
selected point/series. Figure 11-16 shows the
Shape Fill drop-down menu, and all the
options it offers for changing the fill of
the selected data point or series.
Changing Chart Colors
When you click one of the Chart buttons—to
insert any kind of chart, based on selected data—
a default set of colors is applied to the bars,
columns, pie slices, lines, or other shapes. If you
don’t like one or more of these colors, you can
easily change them. Here are some of your options:
Double-click any column, bar, slice, or
line. As soon as you do, the Format Data
Series dialog box opens, as shown in
Figure 11-15, through which you can
choose new Fill and Border Colors, or
even customize the shadows and other
3D effects in your chart. Click the aspect
of the series you want to change, using
the list of Series Options on the left side
of the dialog box, and use the resulting
tools to make your changes.
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