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Changing the Chart Options
Here are your options for formatting these
elements of your active chart:
Double click. Whichever part of your
chart you want to reformat, double-click
it. An appropriate Format dialog box
appears. Figure 11-19 shows the Format
Chart Area dialog box, which allows you
to customize the area’s appearance, with
options from Solid, Gradient, Picture,
Texture, or Pattern fills. Whichever one
you pick (by clicking the radio button
next to it) results in a set of options
appearing to allow you to customize that
effect. Figure 11-19 shows the Texture fill
options, and you can see the chart behind
it, filled with a subtle textured effect.
When you’re choosing colors for the chart
wall and area, remember that the bars,
columns, lines, or slices need to stand
out against them. Therefore, choosing
light and/or subtle colors and effects is
best, so that your background doesn’t
overshadow the data points and series
in your chart. Although it’s possible to
put brightly-colored pictures, complex
patterns, and interesting textures behind
your data, it’s not a good idea in most
Use the Format tab. The same Shape Fill
tool you used to color a single data point
or series can be used to fill the chart
area or floor. Whichever one is selected,
using the Shape Fill drop-down menu and
making a color selection will recolor it.
Click the Format Selection button.
Found on the Format tab, this first button
on the ribbon opens the Format dialog box
for whichever chart element is selected.
Figure 11-20 shows the Format Major
Gridlines dialog box, and your options for
changing the color of the lines. There is
also a Line Style option on the left, which
allows you to make your lines thicker or
thinner. To makes sure this is the dialog
box you get, either click on one of the
gridlines in your chart, or click the button
above the Format Selection button, which
gives you a list of the available chart
elements you can reformat.
Figure 11-19
Pick the fill you want to apply to your chart area,
and see it applied as you tweak the settings
in the Format Chart Area dialog box.
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