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Exploring Excel
Exploring Excel
To open Excel, choose Start > All Programs
> Microsoft Office > Microsoft Excel 2010. When
you launch Excel, the application opens a blank
document, called a workbook, as illustrated in
Figure 1-1. With all of the visual stimuli found in
the number of buttons, icons, rows, and columns,
even a blank Excel document might appear
overwhelming, but take a few minutes to familiarize
yourself with all of these elements and you’ll be
ready to begin entering your own data.
Identifying Screen Elements
A spreadsheet program is a software application
that organizes your data into horizontal rows
and vertical columns. That portion of Excel is
called the worksheet area. Rows are numbered
and columns are identified by letters. Above the
worksheet area, the Ribbon is a collection of
the commands you will use within Excel.
Figure 1-1
The Excel spreadsheet.
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