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Changing the Chart Options
Add Text Boxes to a Chart
Axis and chart titles aren’t the only text
you can add to your chart. You can also add
random text boxes, appearing anywhere you
want them on the chart—overlapping the
chart area, to point out or explain a
particular data point, or anywhere overlapping the
chart wall. To add such a text box, click
the Text Box button on the Layout tab. Your
mouse pointer turns into a crosshair, which
you can use to draw a box the size you want
the text box to be. Once you draw the box
and release the mouse, you see a blinking
cursor, awaiting your text. Type the text and
then use the Home tab’s formatting tools to
dress up the text as desired. If you have more
text than will fit in the box, use the white
handles to resize the box.
Figure 11-24
“Chart Title” is easily replaced with the chart
title that makes sense for the active chart.
Axis Title: This button works much like
the Chart Title button, except it gives you
two choices (Primary Horizontal Axis Title
and Primary Vertical Axis Title), and each
one has a submenu of choices, as shown
in Figure 11-25. Pick an option that adds
a title (such as Vertical Title, for a value
axis title that runs up and down), and
then type your text to replace the
instructional text. After typing and inserting
the title (by pressing Enter), you can
use the Home and Format tabs to format
the title’s size and color.
Enhancing Your Chart with
Data Labels and Tables
Sometimes between chart and axis titles, the
category axis labels, and the legend, you still
need to clarify or provide details pertaining to
some or all of the data in your chart. Although
it’s not a good idea to clutter your chart with too
much stuff, you can add data labels (such as the
Line chart labels shown in Figure 11-26) and/or
a data table (as shown in Figure 11-27) to show
the actual data behind the chart’s bars, columns,
slices, and lines.
Figure 11-25
Clarify your category (horizontal) or
value (vertical) axis with a title.
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