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Changing the Chart Options
Adding Data Labels
To add data labels, click the Data Labels button
and pick Show. The values for each of your data
points appear automatically. Once the labels are
in place, you can move them by dragging them
with your mouse, and you can format them
using the Home tab’s tools to increase font size,
change font color, and so on. Figure 11-28 shows
the labels enlarged, courtesy of the Home tab’s
font size tool.
Figure 11-26
Each point along the line is now clearly
quantified with the actual data.
Figure 11-28
If you want data labels, you might as
well be able to read them.
Figure 11-27
A table of the data that was included in your
chart provides more details for viewers
who want to know exact figures.
Label Your Pie
The options for data labels are different for
Pie charts. Your choices are more than None
and Show—you get to choose between
various positions (Center, Inside End, Outside
End, Best Fit), and if you pick More Data
Labels Options, the Format Data Labels
dialog box (shown in Figure 11-29) allows
you to convert your data labels to a
percentage, so that each slice is labeled with the
percentage that slice represents in reference
to the entire pie’s value.
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