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Changing the Chart Options
Adding a Data Table
To add a data table, click the Data Table button
and pick either Show Data Table or Show Data
Table with Legend Keys. The former simply puts
a grid on the chart with the chart’s data in it, in
columns and rows, matching the way the data is
plotted in the chart. The latter ties the table data
to the legend by repeating the legend colors in
the table. Figure 11-30 shows the other options
for formatting your table, available through the
Format Data Table dialog box. You can open this
dialog box by double-clicking the table once it’s
created, or by choosing More Data Table options
from the Data Table button drop-down menu.
Figure 11-29
The Label Options tab within the Format
Data Labels dialog box allows you to choose
what information the labels will contain.
If you want it to be clear that your data
represents dollars rather than units—so
that if the label reads “8.5,” people know
that’s millions of US dollars—convert your
labels to Currency, using the Number
category in the Format Data Labels dialog
box. You can also make this kind of
conversion for your value axis (through the
Format Axis dialog box), so that the values
on that vertical axis are shown with dollar
signs ($).
Figure 11-30
Customize your data table’s placement, fill, or
border. You can even give it a drop shadow.
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