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Chapter 12 Inserting Illustrations
Picture yourself as a child in a candy store. Before
you are bin after bin of colorful choices: licorice, chocolates, mints,
hard candies, and soft candies. An endless array of goodies is
available and you want them all. You take handfuls at a time and begin to eat.
It doesn’t take long before you realize exactly why your mother limited
your sugar intake. As an adult you know that sometimes quality is better
than quantity.
Excel, as with the other Microsoft Office applications, includes several tools
you can use to add interest to what might otherwise be just a collection of
numbers. These tools enable you to add pictures, shapes, and arrows, and
even a set of professional-grade graphics, called SmartArt.
Remember, the power of Excel is the way in which it handles data. The
ability to add graphic elements to your data is exciting, but newbies might
find themselves adding so many illustrations that the data is overwhelmed.
Illustrations should only be added to enhance your data.
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