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Exploring Excel
Name Box
Insert Function Button
Formula Bar
Title Bar
Scroll Bars
Active Cell
Sheet Tabs
Status Bar
Figure 1-2
Elements of the Excel window.
Name box: Shows the cell address, or
name, of the active cell. You can use the
range name feature to customize this
name. (See “Working with Range Names”
later in this chapter.)
Apart from the Ribbon, which will be discussed
later in this chapter, you will need to be aware
of several other elements (see Figure 1-2).
Title bar: At the top of the application
you see a title bar that shows the
application name and the file name.
Insert Function button: Opens the Insert
Function dialog box. (See Chapter 3, “Using
Excel Functions.”)
Active cell: The currently selected cell is
called the active cell. The active cell has a
thick border around it.
Formula bar: Displays the contents of the
active cell.
Scroll bars: Excel worksheets have both
horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
Cell Addresses
Sheet tabs: A new Excel Workbook opens
with three worksheets. You can delete
unneeded worksheets, or add extra
worksheets to suit your needs.
Every cell in Excel has an address. The cell
address is the column letter and row
number associated with a particular cell. Cell A1
is the cell address for the cell that is active
when Excel is first opened.
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