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Designing with Illustrations
Using Clipart
Microsoft Excel includes hundreds of clipart
images, but thousands more are available if you
have access to the Internet. The images stored as
Microsoft clipart are free for you to use without
restriction. Using a familiar search interface, you
are sure to find a clipart image to suit any topic.
Clipart images come in a variety of formats:
Figure 12-3
The Clip Art pane.
Illustrations: Lineart drawings in color
and black and white.
Photographs: You can find digital
photography on a variety of subjects.
Video: This category includes any moving
images, including animated .gif files.
Audio: An audio file plays a sound, such
as bells or clapping, when activated.
Choosing Insert > Illustrations > Clip Art from
the Ribbon opens the Clip Art pane. The pane
opens on the right side of your Excel worksheet
and stays open until you close it (see Figure 12-3).
To insert a clipart image, follow these steps:
4. Click the arrow to the right of the Results
Should Be box and select the appropriate
file type from the drop-down menu (see
Figure 12-4). If you are not sure what type
of file you are looking for, click the All Media
Types option.
1. Choose Insert > Illustrations > Clip Art.
Excel opens the Clip Art pane.
2. In the Search For box, type a word or phrase
that describes the image you want. The more
specific you are, the fewer choices will be
available. For example, typing business will
find people, buildings, currency, and several
other options. Typing business telephone will
find office phones and people talking on the
3. Click the Include content option
if you have access to the Internet.
Figure 12-4
The Clip Art media types.
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