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Formatting Illustrations
5. Click the Go button, or press Enter. Excel
displays all of the images that match the
search criteria.
6. Click the desired image, or click the arrow and
choose Insert from the menu (see Figure 12-5).
Excel inserts the image you selected and
opens the Picture Tools Format tab.
Figure 12-5
The selected clipart image is inserted
into your worksheet.
Formatting Illustrations
When an illustration is added to your
worksheet, and whenever it is selected, Excel
adds a new Picture Tools Format tab to the
Ribbon (see Figure 12-6). The tools on this tab
give you control over the appearance of the
illustrations you’ve added. This tab contains four
groups: Adjust, Picture Styles, Arrange, and Size.
Each of these groups is described in the following
Use Live Preview for
a Quick Look
Excel’s Live Preview makes formatting easy.
With the illustration selected, as the mouse
moves over formatting options, the
formatting change will be applied temporarily.
Once you’ve selected the option, the change
will become permanent.
Figure 12-6
The Picture Tools Format tab.
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