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Formatting Illustrations
Adjusting Illustrations
With the illustration selected, the tools on the
Adjust group allow you to alter the image in
the following ways.
Change Picture: Opens the Insert Picture
dialog box, which allows you to choose
a replacement for the existing picture.
The new picture will be inserted into the
same size and shape as the existing picture.
Corrections: Adjusts the brightness and
contrast of the illustration. Additionally,
this option can sharpen or soften the
Reset Picture: Restores the default
settings for the picture and strips out any
adjustments you’ve already made to the
Color: Changes the tone and saturation
of the color on the picture. This option
can also apply a color filter over the
entire picture, as shown in Figure 12-7.
Figure 12-8
Applying the chalk sketch artistic effect.
Figure 12-7
Applying a color filter over a picture.
Applying Picture Styles
The Picture Styles group has tools to change
the shape of the picture, add a border, add the
picture to a SmartArt graphic (see that section
later in this chapter), and apply special effects
to the shape and outline of the picture.
Artistic Effects: Applies an effect that
transforms the image to appear as if it
were created in some other medium.
Some of these effects are chalk sketch
(see Figure 12-8), pencil sketch, blur, light
box, and several more.
To apply these styles, select the picture, choose
Picture Tools Format > Picture Styles from the
Ribbon, and select the gallery from any button
in this group. Although styles can only be
applied one at a time, it is possible to select
all of these style choices for a single picture.
Compress Pictures: Reduces the file size
of the image. Reducing the file size may
reduce the quality of the image.
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