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Formatting Illustrations
For instance, the picture in Figure 12-9 has had
the following styles applied:
Selection Pane: As shown in Figure 12-10,
clicking the Selection Pane button will
open the Selection and Visibility pane to
the right of the worksheet. In this pane,
you can add a name for each object on
your worksheet by clicking on the generic
name (for example, Picture 13) and
replacing the text with a more specific
name. Clicking the picture name in the
Selection and Visibility pane will select
the picture in the worksheet. The more
pictures you have in your worksheet, the
more valuable this tool becomes.
Picture Style: Rounded Diagonal Corner,
Picture Border: Purple
Picture Effects: Reflection > Full
Reflection, Touching and Glow > Purple
11pt Glow Accent Color 4, and Bevel >
Angle and 3-D Rotation > Parallel >
Off Axis 1 Right
Pane Button
Selection and
Visibility Pane
Figure 12-9
Adding picture styles.
Figure 12-10
The Selection and Visibility pane.
Arranging Illustrations
Once selected, an illustration can be moved, by
dragging the picture to a new location, and
resized, by dragging the sizing handles. The tools
on the Arrange tab allow you to arrange pictures
in relation to other objects on the worksheet.
Rotate: This tool will rotate the selected
image in one of several predefined
options (see Figure 12-11). Compare the
picture of the woman looking at her watch
with the picture in Figure 12-10. The
picture has been flipped horizontally so that
she now faces the opposite direction.
Bring Forward: This button moves a
selected picture in front of other overlying
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