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Formatting Illustrations
Changing the Size
Besides dragging the picture handles to adjust
the size of an image, you can use the Height
and Width boxes in the Size group to manually
change the size of the picture. This method is
most useful if you need the illustration to be a
specific size. As you type the new size in the
appropriate box, Excel adjusts the size on the
worksheet accordingly.
Figure 12-11
Rotating a picture.
The cropping tool allows you to remove unwanted
portions of an illustration. To crop an image:
1. Select the picture object you need to crop.
Send Backward: This button moves a
selected picture behind other pictures.
2. Choose Picture Tools Format > Size > Crop.
Excels replaces the sizing handles with dark
black cropping handles.
Align: With multiple pictures selected,
this button will align the selected pictures
in the desired manner. The pictures in
Figure 12-12 have been aligned at the top
of the pictures.
3. Drag the cropping handles to black out the
portion of the picture that is not necessary
(see Figure 12-13).
Group: With multiple pictures selected,
this button will group the pictures into a
single picture object. Any further changes
will be applied to the group as a whole.
Clicking the button again allows you to
ungroup the pictures.
4. Click the Crop tool again to remove the
unwanted portions of the picture.
Cropping Handles
Figure 12-12
Aligning pictures at the top.
Figure 12-13
Cropping a picture object.
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