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Working with Shapes
Working with Shapes
Not everyone is blessed with the ability
to draw recognizable images. If you are one of
those people, no one needs to find out because
Excel contains a complete gallery of predefined
shapes that can be included into your worksheet.
You can draw arrows, boxes, circles, stars, callout
bubbles, and flowchart objects (see Figure 12-14).
To insert one of these shapes into your
worksheet, follow these steps:
1. Choose Insert > Illustrations > Shapes.
Excels displays a gallery of available shapes.
2. Select the shape you want from the gallery.
The mouse pointer changes to a cross.
3. Place the cross mouse pointer where you
want to see the upper-left edge of the shape,
and then drag the mouse diagonally down
and to the right to draw the shape on your
worksheet (see Figure 12-15).
Figure 12-14
Predefined shapes
are available from
the Insert tab.
4. If necessary, change the color and size of the
shape using the tools on the Picture Tools
Format tab.
Figure 12-15
Inserting shapes.
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