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Creating SmartArt
Creating SmartArt
SmartArt objects are professionally
designed graphics that combine shapes and text
to show relationships, cycles, processes, and
workflows. The graphics get their name because
of the intelligence built into their design. As text
is added into the SmartArt shapes, the text is
automatically resized to fit the shape, and the
text in all of the other shapes in the graphic are
resized to match.
To insert a SmartArt object into your worksheet,
choose Insert > Illustrations > SmartArt from the
Ribbon to open the Choose a SmartArt Graphic
dialog box, as shown in Figure 12-16. Click a
category from the pane on the left to see the
graphic objects that best illustrate that type of
relationship and then click on the object you
want. Excel includes the object on your
worksheet and adds two new tabs under a SmartArt
Tools category (see Figure 12-17).
There are dozens of these SmartArt graphics
included in Excel in seven categories, as described
in Table 12-1. Several of these objects also allow
you to add images to the selected graphic type.
Table 12-1 SmartArt Graphic Categories
Show non-sequential items
Display steps that occur sequentially
Demonstrate steps in a repeating, or continual, process
Describe the relationship between two or more items, as in an organization chart
Illustrate how items are connected
Show how parts relate to a whole
Show proportional relationships with the largest component at either the top
or the bottom of a pyramid
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