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Creating SmartArt
Change the color of your SmartArt
objects: Choose SmartArt Tools Design >
SmartArt Styles > Change Colors and
select a color option from the gallery
(see Figure 12-19).
Adding Pictures to SmartArt
Imagine using a SmartArt graphic to record a list
of related items. You’ve chosen a list graphic type
and added the text to each shape, but you still
don’t feel like you’ve conveyed the full message.
Now imagine how much more clear the
difference between the items becomes if you could add
pictures of each of the items (see Figure 12-21).
Figure 12-19
SmartArt color gallery.
Figure 12-21
Adding pictures to SmartArt objects.
Choose another SmartArt layout:
Choose SmartArt Tools Design > Layouts
and open the Layouts gallery (see Figure
12-20). Click More Layouts to open the
Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box.
Select another layout from the options
and Excel will convert your existing
text and images to fit the new layout.
The Pictures category of the Choose a SmartArt
Graphic dialog box contains several SmartArt
graphics that include the option for adding a
picture. You can add any image stored on your
computer to these graphics. To add pictures to
a SmartArt graphic, follow these steps:
1. Select your Picture SmartArt from the
Choose a SmartArt Graphic dialog box and
add the text as usual.
2. Double-click the picture icon on the
SmartArt graphic. Excel opens the Insert
Picture dialog box.
3. Select the picture you want to add and press
Insert. Excel adds the picture to the SmartArt
Figure 12-20
Replacing the SmartArt layout.
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