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Creating SmartArt
Select the objects you want to change and choose
SmartArt Tools Format > Shapes > Change Shape
to open a gallery of available shapes (see Figure
12-22). Choose a new shape from the gallery and
Excel will update the SmartArt graphic to reflect
that choice, as illustrated by Figure 12-23.
Edit Your Image Before Adding
As pictures are added to SmartArt, Excel
crops the picture to place the center of the
image in the picture box. Use an image
editor program, such as Paint or Photoshop,
to add blank space around the image that
will force the important portion of your
image into the SmartArt graphic.
Changing SmartArt Shapes
SmartArt graphics come in a variety of shapes
and sizes, but you may find that the predefined
shape does not suit your content. You can use
the Shapes tool you discovered earlier in this
chapter to change the shape of one or all of the
SmartArt graphics. Because different shapes can
be applied to each graphic object, each object
in the SmartArt graphic must be selected
individually. To select more than one object at a
time, hold the Ctrl key as you click each shape.
Figure 12-23
Shapes are applied to SmartArt graphics.
Figure 12-22
Changing the shape of SmartArt graphics.
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