Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Exploring Excel
Status bar: At the bottom of the Excel
screen is the status bar that provides
feedback to you of the current state
of your worksheet. The status bar will
indicate if the worksheet is ready for data
entry, busy calculating, or has identified
an error.
Zeroing in on the Ribbon
First introduced in Microsoft Office 2007, the
Ribbon (see Figure 1-3) is common to all
Microsoft Office applications. It visually displays
all of the most commonly used options needed
to perform a particular task. The Ribbon groups
these command buttons under functional tabs.
Excel program icon: Clicking on the
program icon in the upper-left corner of
Excel displays a menu with options for
minimizing and closing the application.
Don’t think that Sheet1 is the best name
for your worksheet? You can rename the
sheet tabs. Double-click the sheet tab
name and type a name that better
describes your data.
Quick Access Toolbar: The Quick Access
Toolbar provides access to basic file
functions. By default, those functions
are Save, Undo, and Redo. However, as
demonstrated in Figure 1-4, you can
click the Customize Quick Access Toolbar
arrow and choose More Commands from
the drop-down menu to add the commands
that you use most frequently.
Quick Access
Customize Quick
Access Toolbar
Title Bar
Minimize the
Ribbon Button
Excel Program
Figure 1-3
Excel’s Ribbon is a task-based collection of the commands you
can perform in the application.
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