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Using Screenshots
Using Screenshots
A screenshot is exactly what it sounds
like. It is a snapshot, or picture, of a screen open
on your computer. Any window that has not been
minimized is captured by Excel and available
for you to use as an image in your worksheet.
Screenshots are useful in recording information
that might change. If you are collecting data on
the traffic to your Website on a given day, for
example, you may want to include a screenshot
of the home page on that day so that you have a
record of what content generated the traffic you
are monitoring.
As demonstrated by Figure 12-25, Excel inserts
the screenshot into your worksheet at the point
of the active cell. Screenshot are images and can
be edited using the formatting tools described
earlier in this chapter.
To include a screenshot, choose Insert >
Illustrations > Screenshot. Select the screenshot
you want from the drop-down menu of available
windows (see Figure 12-24).
Figure 12-25
Inserting a screenshot into Excel.
Figure 12-24
Excel captures an image of every open
window on your computer.
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