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Adding WordArt
Adding WordArt
WordArt is a gallery of styles that apply
special effects to text. More than just fonts and
colors, WordArt actually makes a graphic element
out of your text. For example, you can stretch
your text to fit a predefined shape, such as an
arc. You can also stretch the text similar to the
text at the beginning of Star Wars, as shown in
Figure 12-27.
Figure 12-28
WordArt gallery.
Figure 12-27
A WordArt graphical
The Text Effects button applies a number of
special effects, such as adding shadows, bevels,
reflections, and transformation. The Drawing
Tools Format > WordArt Styles > Text Effects >
Transform tool can change the shape of the text
in your WordArt graphic into anything from a
wave to a triangle, or even a circle, as shown in
Figure 12-29.
Follow these steps to add WordArt to your
1. Choose Insert > Text > WordArt. Excel opens
the WordArt gallery (see Figure 12-28).
2. Select one of the WordArt thumbnails that
reflects the style you want to add to your
worksheet. Excel adds a text box containing
the words Your Text Here in the style you
selected to the center of the worksheet.
3. With Excel’s text selected, type your own text
in the WordArt object. Excel replaces the Your
Text Here text with your own text and adds a
new tab, Drawing Tools Format.
Figure 12-29
Transforming the WordArt shape.
4. With the WordArt selected, you can use the
Drawing Tools Format > Shape Styles Dialog
Box Launcher to make adjustments to the
color, outline, and effects of your WordArt.
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