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Hiding Data
3. Another pop-up menu appears; select Hide
Sheet. The worksheet is immediately hidden
from view.
Printing Hidden Data
Hidden data does not print. To print it, you
must redisplay the hidden data.
You can right-click the selected
worksheet tabs and choose Hide from the
pop-up menu to quickly hide them.
Hiding Worksheets
When you hide a worksheet, its tab disappears.
Now, if you rename your worksheets, it might
not be obvious to your average user that a
worksheet is secretly hidden. However, if you don’t, a
user might get suspicious that Sheet2 is hidden
if he or she sees only two worksheets: Sheet1
and Sheet3. In any case, even though a
worksheet is hidden, its data can still be referenced in
formulas, elsewhere in the workbook.
If you want to prevent someone from unhiding
your hidden sheets, you must protect the
workbook—see the section “Protecting Data” for more
information. Assuming the workbook is not
protected, it’s pretty easy to unhide a sheet
assuming you know to even try. To unhide a
sheet, click the Format button on the Home tab,
point to Hide & Unhide, and select Unhide Sheet
from the pop-up menu. The Unhide dialog box
appears, as shown in Figure 13-3. You can also
right-click any visible sheet tab and select Unhide
from the pop-up menu to display the Unhide
dialog box.
To hide a worksheet, follow these steps:
1. Click the tab of the worksheet you want to
hide. If you want to hide multiple sheets,
press and hold Ctrl as you click each tab.
Hiding a Workbook
Figure 13-3
Select the sheet you
want to unhide.
You cannot hide all the worksheets in a
workbook—at least one worksheet must be
visible. However, you can hide an entire
workbook; see the next section, “Hiding
a Workbook,” for help.
A list of all the hidden sheets appears in the
Unhide dialog box. Select the sheet you want to
display from the Unhide Sheet list and click OK.
The hidden sheet magically reappears.
2. Click the Format button on the Home tab
and point to Hide & Unhide from the pop-up
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