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Exploring Excel
Tabs: Excel command buttons are
organized under eight tabs: File, Home, Insert,
Page Layout, Formulas, Data, Review, and
View. Other tabs appear only when needed.
For instance, the Chart Tools tab appears
only after you have selected a chart in
Excel. Clicking different tabs changes the
command options visible on the Ribbon.
Groups: Each of the tabs is divided into
several collections of related tasks. These
collections are called groups .
Figure 1-4
Customize the Quick Access Toolbar to include
the commands that you use most frequently.
Dialog Box Launcher: Some of the
groups on the Ribbon include a small
arrow icon in the bottom-right corner of
the group. This icon is called the Dialog
Box Launcher, and clicking it opens a
dialog box to refine how the command is
applied to your file. Figure 1-6 shows the
Insert Chart dialog box launched from the
Charts group on the Insert tab.
Minimize the Ribbon button: Click the
Minimize the Ribbon button to remove
all but the Tabs from the Ribbon, as
shown in Figure 1-5. When the Ribbon
is minimized, this button changes to
become the Expand the Ribbon button.
You can temporarily expand the Ribbon
by clicking any of the tabs.
Dialog Box Launcher
Figure 1-5
Reduce the size of the Ribbon with the
Minimize the Ribbon button.
Figure 1-6
The Dialog Box Launcher opens a dialog
box with additional options related to
the command group you selected.
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