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Protecting Data
By default, objects are also locked when
a worksheet is protected, but if you want
to allow changes, you can. For example,
to unlock a chart, click the chart and
click the Format Selection button on the
Format tab. The Format Chart Area dialog
box appears; select Properties from the
list on the left, deselect the Locked
checkbox and click Close.
Figure 13-6
If a user attempts to change data in a cell that’s
locked, a warning message appears.
Protecting a Worksheet
After unlocking the cells or objects you do not
need to protect from changes, and indicating
which formulas you want to hide, it’s time to
turn on worksheet protection so Excel can
prevent data changes to the locked cells. Follow
these steps:
After locking cells and protecting a worksheet,
users can view the data in locked cells, but not
change it. If a user tries to change the data in a
locked cell, a message pops up, indicating that
the cell data is protected. (See Figure 13-6.) To
avoid seeing a bunch of error messages, users
can easily move from unlocked cell to unlocked
cell by pressing Tab. By the way, a user can copy
the data in locked cells, but he/she can’t move
it or delete it. In addition, data can’t be copied
over the top of the data in locked cells. If you’ve
hidden formulas, then they disappear after your
protect the worksheet (but not the formula
1. Click the Format button on the Home tab
and select Protect Sheet. You can also click
the Protect Sheet button on the Review tab.
The Protect Sheet dialog box appears, as
shown in Figure 13-7.
Unlocking Cells with Formulas
If you unlock a cell that contains a formula,
an Error Options button appears next to the
cell. It serves as a reminder that you might
not want to allow other people to change
your formulas. However, you can click the
Error Options button and select Ignore Error
to turn off the warning or Lock Cell to lock
the formula cell.
Figure 13-7
Set options for the protected sheet.
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